Happy Holidays

The Holidays can lead to or worsen injuries. Here are some helpful hints on how to keep yourself injury free or reduce pre-existing pain this holiday season to keep you moving and celebrating with your family and friends.

We here at Actin Physiotherapy love the holiday season whether it be enjoying the sight of Christmas decorations, opening gifts, loading up on cookies and dinners, partying the night away or getting away for warmer weather. However you like to enjoy your Christmas we want you able to enjoy those moments to the fullest. 

We all know the joys of gift giving and eating those delicious holiday food or awaiting a long anticipated vacation but with that also come long waits in line to purchase those gifts, getting on planes or standing over the stove and oven to make food. There can also be heavy lifting carrying all those gifts, pots and pans of food, and for those on holiday; luggage. 
If possible keep standing in moderation. 
Take breaks with a spouse or friend while standing in line shopping. 
Prepare food while sitting at the kitchen table in between watching the stove. 
If carrying heavy objects, remember to keep them close to your body and be mindful to lift with your knees and hips avoiding twisting motions while keeping pressure off your back. Try to spread lifting to smaller loads rather than giant piles and use stools and ladders to avoid over stretching and potential falls. When decorating indoors and outdoors remember to avoid clutter and potential tripping hazards and have someone hold ladders firmly at the bottom as extra support. 

For those of you heading outdoors or dancing the night away, we recommend flats or sturdy boots over heels to prevent ankle sprains from tripping on patches of ice or other people’s feet. If heels are a must, we recommend carrying them in an oversized bag and wearing boots when walking to your destination and swapping them out once you have arrived. 
For overall health we always recommend that no matter what you are doing this holiday season to stay hydrated, well fed (within moderation), getting plenty of sleep, and exercise. 

Happy Holidays and Stay Safe!