• Passive stretching

    There are different ways to stretch. You may have seen someone stretching with the help of another person. This technique can be an effective way of helping muscles lengthen.

    Here, Manu and Joseph are demonstrating an assisted stretch for the hamstrings.


    Build fitness into your daily routine

    When you’re out on the road you might see our Clinic Director, Manu, enjoying a bike ride.

    Cycling is just one of the ways our team at Actin Physio like to stay active.

    Sitting Posture

    Friendly reminder if you’re sitting in front of your computer, be sure to take regular breaks to prevent fatigue.

    The Skeletal System

    The adult human skeleton is made up of 206 bones. Interactions between bones and muscles contribute to the wide range of movements your body is capable of making.

    But did you know that bones also serve other functions including:
    🔹Protecting internal organs
    🔹Storing nutrients essential to your body
    🔹Producing blood cells

    You may see models of some of the bones & joints at the clinic. Our Therapists may use these as tools to help educate their patients.